Polaris Slingshot Rental in Daytona Beach: Is it Easy To Drive?

Ride in a Polaris Slingshot

As you prepare to head to Daytona Beach for a much-needed vacation, you want to get everything in order to have the most fun possible. You know you want to rent a Slingshot. It would be such a disappointment to arrive and be told you have the paperwork or licensing you need in order to do so.

Do you need something special? The Slingshot is a lot like a motorcycle, so perhaps you need a motorcycle license in order to rent a slingshot. You’re not alone in thinking this; it’s a question we are asked on a regular basis.

Is a Polaris Slingshot a Motorcycle?

There’s a bit of confusion around what a Slingshot actually is, because it looks like nothing else on the road. Before we go any further, let’s be clear. Although it resembles a sports car, the Slingshot is classified as a three-wheeled autocycle. It features two wheels in the front and a single drive wheel in the rear. It has a steering wheel and twin bucket seats, without any airbags or other usual automotive safety features you would normally find in a car. This is why wearing a helmet is recommended when driving one.

To answer the question, no- a Slingshot isn’t a motorcycle. It’s not a car though, either. A Slingshot is…well, a Slingshot! 

Do You Need a Motorcycle License?

If a Slingshot isn’t a car, then surely you need something beyond a regular driver’s license in order to rent a Slingshot. Actually, you do not. Previous Florida Governor Rick Scott signed an “autocycle” bill into law on March 30 2018 that went into effect on July 1, 2018. This law allows auto-licensed drivers to drive three-wheel vehicles, such as the Polaris Slingshot, without a motorcycle license. 

The classification of the Polaris Slingshot is state-dependent. In passing the 2018 law, Florida became the 43rd state to enact a law that transforms these vehicles into the automobile-driving category. The only states that still require a motorcycle endorsement or license are Alaska, Massachusetts, and New York. This is great news for people who want to rent a Slingshot without adding an extra step to the process.

If you have wanted to try out a Slingshot for yourself, but felt it wasn’t going to happen because of special licensing requirements, the State of Florida has good news. You don’t need anything beyond a valid driver’s license, insurance, and a credit card to rent one from Dream Rentals! 

Anyone that doesn’t have a motorcycle license, but is interested in what Slingshot offers can now rent one of these amazing vehicles from us. You can rent one for the afternoon, the day, the weekend, or much longer. The choice is yours!


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