Dream Rentals of Daytona offers the most competitive slingshot car rental prices in the market. Rental options include both manual and automatic slingshots with hourly and daily rates. You can choose from different slingshot models, R, S, and SL in a variety of cool and colorful designs. Rent a slingshot with Dream Rentals of Daytona and make your luxury driving dreams come true!

Why Choose Dream Rentals

Dream Rentals of Daytona pride themselves on providing customers with a great time and an unforgettable ride. Their Slingshot rental prices are competitive and give you the opportunity to enjoy your free ride.

Dream Rentals offers a wide selection of Singshot models and cool designs you can choose from. Pick between manual, automatic, 2 and 4 seater slingshots.

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Client Testimonials

Vacationing in Orlando was nothing new to me, but in the past it was always about the kids. It was a dream come true to experience Orlando Florida in an Porsche Panamera. Thanks!

Mike Handy

I have achieved a particular level of success in my life, and I appreciate your service allowing me to continue to drive in luxury while I’m on the road visiting clients and friends. Your service was exceptional and the Denali was nothing short of amazing

Ed Walls
Former NFL Player & Sports CEO

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