Polaris Slingshot Rental in Daytona Beach: Is it Easy To Drive?

Ride in a Polaris Slingshot

Spring is here again. If you know much about Daytona Beach and the rest of Florida, you know summer isn’t far behind and it’s about to get hot- really, really hot. This puts a well-working air conditioner at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Regular cars, trucks, and SUVs have built-in air conditioners to help you deal with the heat. Polaris Slingshots are no ordinary vehicles, though. So, do they? Do Polaris Slingshots have AC?

Do Polaris Slingshots have AC?

The short answer is no. The Slingshot doesn’t have an HVAC system that can provide cool air to the driver and passenger in the seats. As with just about everything else, there is a longer answer though. Since the Slingshot’s debut in 2014, Polaris has regularly introduced several add-on accessories.

For one thing, Polaris Slingshots can now be equipped with heated and cooled seats. This additional add-on feature was released in mid 2020. This was part of Polaris launch of an updated version of the three wheel autocycle with 70% new content. The newer, upgraded model features several new features. This includes a more powerful, high-revving engine and an optional automatic transmission. Individual heated and cooled seats that can be purchased as well. 

The seats use thermoelectric coolers made of graphene sheets. The seats are non-perforated, meaning they are weatherproof and won’/t be damaged by rain. Each of the seats features accent stitching with the Slingshot logo embroidered in the headrest. The cooling functionality features three levels: low, medium, and high.

That being said, you are renting this Polaris Slingshot so you don’t really have the option to add on additional upgrades and features as if it were your own vehicle. That brings us to our next point. Polaris Slingshots are open-air vehicles. Do you really need an AC when you have the wind blowing on you? We don’t think you do!

Don’t think of Polaris Slingshots as cars that need a built-in HVAC system. Think of them more as a mix between a convertible and a motorcycle. Daytona Beach is right on the Atlantic Ocean, one of the most beautiful and comfortable places on Earth. With the fresh ocean air breezing across your face as you drive, you won’t even realize you don’t have AC in the Slingshot. You won’t need it, plain and simple. 

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