How Much Does a Polaris Slingshot Cost?

If you’re looking for a vehicle that is fun to drive and makes you look cool the whole time you’re in it, look no further than the Polaris Slingshot. What is even more amazing is that the starting price of a brand new model is just $26,499!

What You Need to Know

It’s Automatic!
You may take a look at the Polaris Slingshot and assume it’s a manual transmission. This is because it looks so much like a sports car. There’s good news though for drivers who don’t know how or prefer not to drive manual. New AutoDrive transmission along with two drive modes, Comfort and Slingshot, allows you to take your driving experience to a whole new level.

It’s Stylish!
Exterior refinements on the Polaris Slingshot include LED headlight and accent lights, all-new wheel options, and premium paint with graphics that create a new look from every angle. You will make a statement whenever you pull up, from the beach to a restaurant to your home.

It’s Fun!
Polaris’ first four-cylinder engine, delivers additional performance capabilities and one of the highest production redlines, giving you power to drive it your way. With an all-new tuned exhaust, everyone within ear-shot will take notice. Of course, it comes in fun, racy colors so you’ll truly feel like you’re driving a racecar. You don’t want it to feel out of control, though. A refined drivetrain connects you to the road and fellow adventurers like never before, providing the confidence to take control of the road less travelled, without ever feeling like you aren’t being safe.

It’s Got Great Tech Features!
This may look like a racecar or go-cart, but it’s got enough amazing technology inside to make you wonder if it is really a luxury car in disguise. It is infused inside and out with great techs, like a 7″ Ride Command display, 100-Watt Rockford Fosgate® audio, LED lighting, and back-up camera. This vehicle is more than just looks!

It’s Comfortable!
You’d be forgiven for thinking a vehicle that looks so cool and handles so fun can’t possibly be comfortable. You’d be wrong, though! New adjustable air vents improve airflow and increase comfort for drivers and passengers. Whatever trip or adventure you’re taking, you’ll be comfortable doing so.

It’s Very Affordable!
The exact price you pay will depend on the model and specification of the vehicle you chose. Even the top models start just above $30,000. You won’t believe how stylish, fun, and comfortable it is for a price that low!

Some things are meant to be seen, and the Polaris Slingshot is one of them. However inexpensive it is, you still want to make sure your money is well spent. That is where Dream Rentals comes in. We rent Polaris Slingshot vehicles throughout the Daytona Beach area. While we often rent to tourists and visitors who want a fun vehicle for their time here in town, we can also rent to a local deciding whether they should purchase one for their own personal use. You can’t know for sure based on driving a few minutes with a salesman in the vehicle. Rent from us and take it for the whole day! You can take it wherever you want to go!

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