5 Tips for Planning Your Daytona, FL Staycation

The end of summer is here and if you’ve lived in Florida for long you know this means a bit of a break in between waves of tourists. Spring Breakers are gone, families on summer vacations have returned home to get ready for school, and snowbirds haven’t started to come down yet because it’s still too hot. Daytona residents have the whole town to ourselves!

A staycation is a perfect getaway from your daily life, plus it costs much less money and time than a regular vacation. Now is the time to enjoy Daytona the way it was meant to be. You can do this by following a few helpful tips:

#1 Rent a Polaris Slingshot. You’ve probably seen these cool cars driving up and down the beach. They are rented from Dream Rentals, Daytona’s premier spot for renting amazing vehicles. You’re not going to let the tourists have all the fun, right? Renting a vehicle like this will automatically make your time feel like a real vacation, even if you’re in the city you live in.

#2 Make a staycation itinerary. You already know the “where” is Daytona, now you need to decide on the “what.” There may be some spots you never go because they’re too touristy and crowded. Maybe there’s a place you’ve always wanted to go but never had a good enough excuse. This staycation is the perfect reason to plan it!

#3 Create a budget and stick to it. One of the most popular reasons to choose a staycation is because it’s less money than travelling far away. That doesn’t mean you can go crazy spending money here in town! Create a realistic budget and stick to it. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending just as much as if you have gone to the islands for a trip abroad!

#4 Don’t stay at your house. If you’re looking to escape from your daily life for a while, you can’t be at your house. It’s too easy to fall into doing chores and answering emails and all of a sudden, it’s not relaxing or fun at all. Instead, you can rent a place on Airbnb or through a similar website. A proper staycation is all about experiencing Daytona in a new light! There is no better way to do that than staying in unique vacation rental accommodations.

#5 Check for resident discounts. Many places around this time of the year offer discounts to Florida residents in order to offset the lack of out of town tourists. Checking for these may help you discover a new restaurant, attraction, or perk, like a free extra night at a hotel

Go ahead and plan your super fun staycation! Now is the time to enjoy our city, whether it’s for the weekend, an entire week, or just a day.

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