Do I Need a Helmet to Ride in a Polaris Slingshot?

Ride in a Polaris Slingshot

Do you like to go fast? The Polaris Slingshot is fast! Do you like to have fun? The Polaris Slingshot is fun! For thrill seekers everywhere, the Polaris Slingshot has what it takes. Because we are the premier destination to rent a Polaris Slingshot in the Daytona Beach area, we often get many questions about renting one, driving one, and riding in one. After all, this vehicle is like nothing else on the road so it makes sense that you would have quite a few questions about it. Many times, people are concerned about the safety of a vehicle like this. Is it safe? Do you need a helmet to ride in one? We’re here to answer any and all questions you have!

Each model year, the Polaris Slingshot gets better, bolder, and faster. If you’re ready to experience the thrill of driving a Polaris Slingshot for yourself, it’s time to rent one to take up and down the highways, streets, and beaches of Daytona Beach. Imagine the sun on your skin and all eyes on you. 

There are a few requirements and suggestions in order to make your ride in a Polaris Slingshot as safe as possible. While it is perfectly legal to drive in the rain and you won’t ruin the car in any way, it’s probably not the safest thing to do. What about a helmet, though? After all, the Polaris Slingshot has no roof!

The Slingshot is quick and powerful. Just like any other vehicle, your ride in a Polaris Slingshot is as safe or as dangerous as you make it. When you get behind the wheel, you’re the one in control! The Slingshot is a three-wheeled motorcycle, not a car. As a result of this classification, the Slingshot does not have to meet many of the car’s crash safety standards. There’s no roof and no windshield, unless it is the upscale model. Even in the higher trim levels, your head rides above the windshield. There are no doors or side windows, just a 7.5-inch tall windscreen. If it sounds like you’re pretty exposed, you’re right. For this reason, it is recommended that you wear a helmet. Head injuries are the leading cause of serious injuries and fatalities in accidents involving vehicles like this. Statistics prove that an approved helmet is the most effective protection in preventing or reducing head injuries. As well, you must always wear a seatbelt. Beyond this, you may want to wear eye protection to protect eyes from wind or airborne particles and objects. Here on Daytona Beach, you probably want to wear sunglasses anyway!

We value your safety and take extra precautions to ensure all of our renters are safe. This is one reason that all renters must be 21 and older with a valid drivers license to rent the Slingshots. If you have additional questions or concerns, we’re here to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. 

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