Learn The Main Differences Between ATV Rentals and UTV Rentals

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You’re someone who isn’t satisfied with the ordinary, which is why you’re looking for an ATV or UTV. You don’t want to get around the same way as someone else, you certainly don’t think laying on the beach is your idea of fun. The Daytona Beach area has a lot to offer thrill seekers like you!

First, let’s discuss the difference between ATV and UTV rentals. Then, we’ll help you understand which rental option is the right one for you. Is it an ATV, UTV, or something else completely?

Table of Contents

  • What Is The Difference Between an ATV and UTV?
  • All-Terrain Vehicles
  • Utility Terrain Vehicles
  • ATV and UTV Rentals in Daytona Beach

What Is The Difference Between an ATV and UTV?

ATV on Daytona Beach

Their names sound similar, but ATVs and UTVs are different vehicles. In order to understand these differences a bit better, let’s look at ATVs and UTVs in more detail. 

All-Terrain Vehicles

An all-terrain vehicle, abbreviated to ATV, is a vehicle that features a straddle seating position, handlebar steering, and the ability to maneuver through a variety of terrain conditions. This includes sand and mud. While there are many ATV customizations and modifications available, at their base all ATVs share those three features. 

Utility Terrain Vehicles

If an ATV is for fun, a UTV is the hardworking older brother in the family. Utility Terrain Vehicles are designed and used more for work than simple recreation. UTVs are large and powerful. They are faster and more powerful than ATVs, but not as nimble.

They are able to seat passengers side by side and are built with lots of storage space, neither of which you can say about an ATV. For this reason, UTVs are used to haul equipment, supplies, and people in locations that make using a truck either impractical or downright impossible.

Are ATV and UTV Rentals in Daytona Beach Your Only Option?

Rent a Polaris Slingshot

Now, you better understand the difference between an ATV and UTV. These two vehicles are pretty cool, but what if they could do more? What if your ATV could drive on the highway and take you far out of town? What if your UTV got you looks and attention at every red light? A Slingshot does all of this, and so much more. 

If you’re interested in any ATV and UTV rentals, Polaris Slingshots are the perfect choice for you. When you rent a Slingshot, you don’t need to choose between powerful and strong or nimble and fun. You get both!

Dream Rentals of Daytona offers the most competitive Slingshot car rental prices in the market. For this reason, we are well-known in the area for Slingshot rentals. Don’t limit yourself to driving around Daytona in something boring when you have so many other cool options. Book your rental now!


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