3-Wheeled Motorcycles are the New Trend!

Anyone who’s been in the area for long is used to motorcycles. After all, this area has one of the largest and most famous biker bars in the world! Yet, there’s a new type of vehicle turning heads recently. By now you’ve probably seen a Polaris Slingshot cruising around Daytona Beach. It’s unique, that’s for sure. It’s been described as a “Batmobile,” a “dune buggy” and many things in between. Are you interested in finding out if this is as fun to drive as it looks? If so, you aren’t alone. That’s why they’re quickly becoming so popular.

First, what is a Slingshot? The Polaris Slingshot classifies itself as a three-wheeled motorcycle. It has two wheels up front, one in the rear, and side-by-side passenger seats within a partially exposed cockpit. It mixes some of the stability of a car with the sought-after freedom of a motorcycle, giving you all of the benefits of both. You’ll love the drive, and your passenger will have a great time too.

Many of the Polaris Slingshots you’ve seen around this area are tourists who are renting them during a beach vacation. You’re not going to let them have all the fun are you? No way! Dream Rental is your premier Slingshot rental service. You will be amazed by our personal service as well as our impeccable selection of fun rides. Our main goal is to provide an amazing experience and that’s why we are accessible when you need us.

You may be thinking “Yes, that sounds great- but how much will it be?” After all, for a vehicle this cool it is probably really expensive, right? Wrong! These vehicles are quite affordable. Hourly rates range from $50- $75. If you want to drive one for a bit longer, you can rent a Polaris Slingshot in Daytona Beach for $150-$250 a day. You’ll get plenty of attention while driving this cool vehicle, whether it is for an hour, a day, or the entire week. There is a $500 deposit needed when you rent, just in case of an accident or some type of damage. You’ll get it back when you return the vehicle in great condition, though.

The best way to cruise around Daytona Beach is on a Polaris Slingshot! Come to Dream Rentals and rent the Slingshot if you are thinking of buying one. Before purchasing one you can rent a Polaris Slingshot and take it up and down the beach, to a restaurant, or anywhere else you’d like. All vehicles come with unlimited miles, just as long as you stay in the state of Florida. Afterwards, you’ll know for sure how much fun it is and feel at ease when you buy your own. Book your rental now and ride in style!

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